Boosting at Buttercups School

What is boosting really all about?

Boosting is getting the important areas well developed, these are called the PRIME AREAS; We recommend that prime areas must be attained by age 2.

So what areas are prime?

Communication & Language:
A child needs to be able to speak clearly by age 2. The child must be able to say 100 words or more We support a child with limited vocabulary by giving specific targets each month, teach children to express their thoughts in spoken words, understand the use of objects and complex sentences

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:
The child must have developed social skills e.g. initiating play and so much more. We ensure that a child’s social skill is well developed, we make sure that we provide opportunities for the child to initiate conversations, play alongside others and also understand the meaning of routines. We also teach a child to be confident to talk about own needs, wants, interests and opinions. The emotional well-being of the child must also be well developed

Physical Development:
The child’s fine and gross motor skills must be well established.
We will also like to emphasize that these areas are the basic skills a child needs to have for school readiness.

If you think your child struggles in any of these areas, please give Buttercups school booster team a call on 08029719520 or 08083875999 as EARLY INTERVENTION is the key.

Once the programme starts, you will be communicated with monthly and meetings will also be held regularly.