E – Learning continues in January 2021

Buttercups School E – Learning continues in 2021!

Welcome to E –  Learning at Buttercups School.

E Learning at Buttercups has been a huge success this year, which is why we are glad to carry it on to 2021. We pride ourselves on raising tomorrow’s champions today and we are still unrivaled in our Educational skills both in learning and delivery systems. With Buttercups E – Learning, we have made learning easy, more effective, convenient, flexible and safe.

We educate children from the ages of 1 – 12 years old and we have a variety of subjects e.g. Numeracy, Literacy, Physical Development and Understanding the World and so much more and they are based on the British Curriculum. Our classes are held via Zoom, Google and the School Portal. we also give homework and other reading materials for your children to study at their leisure.

Our Learning Environment is exciting, class-like and safe. Our classes are informative with minimal or no parent involvement. Our Teachers are fully involved during classes, guided reading, sending and marking both homework and classwork. Our children are very independent and classes are very easy to attend.

Also, we have great Partnership with Parents. We provide convenient time slots to teach your child at your convenience. Our Curriculum offers a variety of subjects and everyone is welcome. We also have very affordable rates.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us a mail. Join Us and together, we will raise champions.


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