Nursery School

Nursery School

We provide 5 classes with 8 - 15 children in each class

All our rooms are fully equipped with creative and educational resources. We offer unrivaled care and attention to ensure that you feel secure in the knowledge that your children are cared for in safe and enjoyable environment. Under the EYFS curriculum that we use in our nursery, each child is unique and learns through play. Learning is broad and delivered with fun! School is home away from home.

Our goal is the total all-round development of the child

Each child is different and unique. We recognise this fact and plan our activities around the needs of each child. We use the 7 (seven) learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum to achieve our goal of all round development of the child before primary school age.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

We use the EYFS curriculum in our nursery. The curriculum is all-encompasing as it helps the child’s physical development and social skills. This we achieve by modeling real-life scenarios while teaching the children and setting up appropriate activities for each child to meet his/her developmental goal.

Parent Partnership

We are in partnership with parents regarding the development of their child. We therefore hold regular meeting with parents (called the Parent Partnership Meetings) with a view to supporting the child to reach his/her desired developmental goal for that age.

Writing and Reading Classes

By the time your child is four, he/she is able to read and write. We provide pupils with abundant tools to aid reading and writing.