Early Years Foundation Stage training

Our main focus is to develop your child communication and social skills, emotional wellbeing, physical development, problem solving skills and fine motor skills.

Introduction to Therapy Room

Buttercups School is a fully inclusive school that caters for every child’s needs and provisions such as adaptation and pull out for therapy. We also provide in-classroom support for pupils who have emotional, educational, social, and physical needs. Our Therapy Room consists of a highly skilled team of occupational, play, learning, and speech therapists. Our special education coordinator works with parents, staff, pupils and outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists to provide the best opportunities for your child’s improvement and development in the school. Through careful planning and collaboration with teachers – using specific resources – our Therapy Room team guarantees inclusion and maximized support regardless of any need your child may have. The focus of the Therapy Room is building a strong and trusting relationship with parents and professionals. Whether your children attend Buttercups School or other Schools, we promise to work with you and hold your hand all the way by providing the right services for your child. 

Below are the services offered at Buttercups School Therapy Room: 

Speech Therapy: Children with Speech and Language Delay, Expressive and Receptive Language Speech Fluency, Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech, and Articulation Disorder. 

Occupational Therapy: Children with Developmental Delay are trained to best carry out day-to-day activities independently. 

Play Therapy: Children who need to develop their problem-solving skills, social skills, and also improve physical development and emotional wellbeing.

Operating Hours: We are open on Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 3:00pm. We are also open during Summer Camp.

Closing Days: We are closed on weekends and during public holidays as well as Christmas and New Year.

For further enquiries, give us a call on 09098313401 or 08029719520. You can also send a mail to buttercupstherapy@gmail.com or info@buttercups.com.ng or select the link on our homepage to apply.