Nursery & Primary Rooms

Our five nursery rooms are for children aged 4 months – 5 years. We offer unrivaled care and attention to ensure that you feel secure in the knowledge that your children are cared for in safe and enjoyable surroundings.

Enabling Environment

A rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development, giving them the confidence to explore and learn in a secure, safe, yet challenging environment.

Events & Activities

From time-to-time we engage our pupils in activities and events targeted at developing them socio-culturally. These include excursions, sports day, exhibitions, special days etc.

Safe & Serene Environment

Buttercups is strategically located. We judiciously adhere to our sound security policy.

Rich Curriculum

We pride ourselves in our conscious overall training of the child – morals, values, academics, discipline, health & hygiene, etc.

Excellent Teachers

Our friendly teachers are not only sound academically, they are trained to pamper.

Tools & materials

All resources used by the children are provided by the school.

Learning & Fun

The children play and learn under active supervision.

Children Health & Safety

With a rich menu, we provide meals for the children everyday. Also, you can be rest assured your child is safe.

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