KeyStage 1 Classes

Children between ages 5-7 are enrolled in our Key Stage 1 classes. We offer the best play-led, individualized and inclusive learning. Our facilities are standard and adequate for outdoor and in-class learning led by our outstanding and well-trained teachers. The children learn and explore a broad range of subjects including Numeracy, Literacy, STEM, Humanities, PHE, Art and DT.

Literacy Focused learning

We are a literacy-focused school. From KS 1, the child is immersed in an intensive Reading, Writing and Spelling curriculum. The child learns new words and spells everyday while we track their proficiency using the high frequency words knowledge trackers. Our Guided Reading Lessons help the child develop his word recognition and language comprehension skills. We have in-class libraries fully stocked with age appropriate books which help our pupils to be voracious readers. Creative writing comes easy for our children as they are well stimulated and they write creatively for leisure.

Learning Via Exploration

Learning is not confined to the walls of the classroom. Our teaching and learning activities involve outdoor events which are creatively designed to peak the curiousity of the child. The child asks questions as he explores and discovers the world on his own through the senses of seeing, touching, feeling, hearing etc.

KeyStage 1 Class FAQ

School opens from 8am to 3pm. clubs and extracurriculars holds from 3pm to 4pm

Children between ages 5 -7 are enrolled in the KS 1 classes

The fee structure may contain tuition fees, registration fees, developmental levy, feediing and transportaion where applicable.

The KS 1 pupils wear the school uniforms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. the purple uniform is worn on Tuesdays while the sport wear is worn on Fridays.

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