The Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

♦Reception class is the class between Nursery and Primary 1. The Reception Curriculum is based on British Early Years Foundation Stage with focus on 7 Learning Areas – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world, Expressive Arts and Design with
focus on Mathematics, Reading and Spelling.

♦ Key Stage 1 caters for children in Reception and years 1 & 2. The curriculum is based on the English National Guidelines for key stage one and all pupils in
Year 2 take their key stage 1 test in May. The curriculum in KS1 is more subjects based and offers a broader range. The subjects include Maths, English, Art/DT, Geography, History, Music, French, Physical Education, Religious Education, and Science. The children still have practical experience within subjects as well as the more structured written work. The core subjects of English and Maths are taught daily and great emphasis is placed on the importance of reading, spelling, handwriting, number bonds and times tables.
The children have home-work each day to include reading as well as a page of other task.