Our Tuition Classes

Welcome to Buttercups Preparatory School Tuition Centre. Here, we are dedicated and committed to developing skills and supporting academic excellence. Our tuition center provides individualized learning opportunities that are tailored to suit each child’s unique needs.

What Is The Need For A Tuition Centre?.

At Buttercups, we firmly believe in the adage that ‘no two child has the same learning needs or learn the same way’, we believe that every child is unique, with diverse learning needs and styles. .

We understand that some children require extra attention to unlock their full potential and develop essential skills. Our centre is dedicated to providing personalized attention to each student, honing their individual strengths, and addressing areas that need improvement.

What we Offer

We have a team of experienced and outstanding tutors who understand the need for quality education and are passionate about helping pupils explore their unique strengths and potentials, and equipping them with skills that help prepare them for the future.

Our tutors dedicate few hours daily to providing individualized assistance to the pupils enrolled in our tuition classes by focusing on STEM, Numeracy and Literacy. This has helped them to improve in several areas including critical thinking and unleashing their creativity.

Tuition Centre FAQ

The tuition centre runs during the school hours. After school sessions can also be scheduled.

Children from age 4 to 11 can be enrolled in the tuition centre.

Contact info@buttercups.com.ng to learn more about the hourly rate.

Buttercups Care Centre

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