Nursery Classes

Our nursery rooms lay the foundation for the child’s academic journey. We create a desire for education using our unique play-led learning methodology. We also give intensive care and nurturing to the child, helping him or her blossom like a buttercup in its season. We give our children the head start they need to thrive academically, socially and mentally.

Learning Through Play and Outstanding Facilities

In the nursery class, the children are introduced to number concepts, shapes, phonics, sequencing, pre-reading, writing skills, letter formation, scientific thinking, world knowledge and basic motor skills through the Early Years Curriculum.
Our children learn at their own pace. We employ a hands-on, one-on-one approach that allows each practitioner to individually engage the child and bring out the best in them.

Throughout their time in the early years classes, the children cover the stipulated topics through art, play, exploration, music, discussions and child-led activities. This helps them to develop their creativity as well as the basic knowledge of phonics and numbers. We introduce the child to the world of books through adult-led dramatized reading.
Our nursery practitioners are qualified and well-trained in all areas of the curriculum. We also have specialists who teach subjects like French, PE and Swimming. Our children are eloquent, bright and lovers of school.

Confidence Building in Early Years Learners

At Buttercups Nursery School, it is our priority to build children who are confident and independent. To do this, we encourage the power of choice that is, allowing the children to get into play activities of their choice., asking questions to get the children to communicate their choices and doing show-and-tell sessions where every child gets to talk about any topic that interests them to their peers and teachers. Every child is listened to and heard. We use positive reinforcement always, rewarding outspokenness and boldness.

Buttercups Nursery School stands out among other school because of our care and nurturing. We prioritize the well being of our children above all else. Also, our learning is individualized. We believe that no two children learn the same way or have the same needs, so we ensure that each child gets individualised care and attention.

Nursery Classes FAQ

The Nursery rooms are open from 8am to 3pm. After school services are also available.

Children from the age of 16 months to 5 years can be enrolled in the nursery rooms.

The children in the nursery wear mufti everyday except Fridays when they wear the sport wear.

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