Education is the development of the whole person

With the intent of nurturing young minds in a child-friendly environment, Buttercups was started in 2013

Why Buttercups? How we started

Why Buttercups? In the language of flowers, the Buttercup carries rich symbolism, representing ‘growth,’ ‘playfulness,’ ‘cheerfulness,’ and ‘youthfulness.’ This delightful bloom is closely intertwined with children, often one of the flowers they see, with its patches of happy yellow blossoming almost everywhere.
Our Directors view every child as a precious Buttercup, and with a vision to create a nurturing environment where they can blossom and grow freely, they started Buttercups Preparatory School.

Where we are at

Now, we sow the seeds of knowledge, and watch as each Buttercup bloom into a confident, creative, and compassionate individual. In 10 years, we have nurtured over 1000 young minds into great children who are significant individuals in their communities.

Vibrant & Outstanding Est. 2013

Our motto is; where your child blossoms. We know that with the proper guidance and care, every kid has the potential to blossom and shine brilliantly, giving beauty to the world around them.

Buttercups Care Centre

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