A place where your child achieves (NO MATTER WHAT)

About Us

ECAA was established in 2003 first in The UK and now LAGOS.

We have helped thousands of children between the ages of 4 and 11 realise their potentials by providing intensive and individualised teaching but in a fun way.

 What We Offer:

♦ One-to-one tutoring.

♦  Carefully chosen activities particularly planned for your child to maximise learning.

♦  Specialised child-friendly programme is what we do best-Creative Writing Reading and Calculations.

♦  Free initial assessment offered and an individual action plan drawn up for your child by our highly experienced teachers.

♦  Not selective and with a strong belief that all children can benefit from our style of teaching.

♦  Well trained teachers who engage each child and get the best out of them.

♦  Proven track record of regular assessments and feedback.

Our Classes:

K S1:    Reception/Yr1/Yr2 (Ages 4-7)

K S2:    Years 3-6 (Ages 7-11)


♦  Up to two hours intensive session.


The Individual Action Plan

This Action plan is our proprietary engine that drives the personalised lesson plans for the children who attends our centre. Through a battery of assessments, we attain an understanding of a child’s educational needs.

The action plan takes the assessment results and writes personalised lessons to guide our work with each child.

The Action plan lies at the core of the child’s learning which gives room to parents to add comments about the progress their child is making to the Action plan.

Children plan their achievable height with the teacher while teachers define strategies to be adopted.

How we do it:

♦  Lessons are written out monthly from assessments.

♦  Targets are shared with the pupils.

♦ Lessons are split into bite-size chunks to enable the child to move forward at a steady pace.

♦ The method sees results quickly thus builds confidence and creates learning enthusiasm in the children.

♦ The methods eliminate possible weak areas.

♦ Each child works to his/her own set schedule.

♦  Children also have the opportunity to bring problems which they may be having with school work and this adds to their achievement.

♦  Monthly assessments – this takes one hour to complete and is designed to thoroughly test a child’s ability and progress.


  • Parents, teachers and children are able to communicate via the action plan.
  • Parents can monitor each lesson and see what work will be set for the next month.
  • Each child works from a specific individual action plan which allows children to work at their own pace and achieve their potentials.

Benefits of Personalised Action Plan:

  • The Action plan is where the learning principles are mapped out.
  • Children work according to their abilities/level, no matter their age.

 How it works:

  • Assessments results create the action plan.
  • Next steps are given
  • Activities are recorded daily to form a narrative.

Overall Benefits of the ECAA Centre


We have been providing personalised training to children for over ten years. During this time we have developed a unique method of one-to-one tutoring that goes to the core of your child’s educational needs and helps- step by step- to reach set goals.

Our lessons are personal, targeted, friendly and encouraging so children do not only enjoy working with us but gain confidence and do better at school.