Our History

Thank you for taking an interest in Buttercups School. Whether your son or daughter is just about to start school, or is looking for a junior or senior place in our School, we offer you and your family a warm welcome to our friendly and caring community.


We started Buttercups Nursery in September 2012 out of the desire to bring quality early years care and learning to Lagos similar to what obtains in the UK. Our school is a leading provider of premium quality daycare services for children in a warm and happy environment where they can learn and grow individually and collectively.

We are affiliated with Kidzland group of nurseries in the United Kingdom and adhere to the legal requirements governed by the United Kingdom and Nigeria which incorporates many different nursery policies and procedures. One of our directors retired as a Primary school teacher in the UK before going into early years and setting up nurseries in the UK. She is also an OFSTED inspector (Early years) with the UK government. Our goal is to create a fun, positive and motivating experience that will, in turn play a major role in your child’s future learning and development. We aim to work in partnership with parents to support each child and ensure that they feel included, secure, valued and welcome in the nursery. We know that your priority is to find a nursery that offers the right setting for your child and one that also understands importance of earning trust and confidence.


In January 2013, we brought into Lagos something unique and totally different from the norm in Nigeria schools and that is a replica of an independent school in the UK. A school where emphasis is placed on the development of each child as an individual, allowing each one to realize his/her potential and to thrive in all the learning areas.

Our members of staff are a dedicated team who ensure the children have the support and encouragement they need, allowing every child to succeed at every level. Through the significant investment of time and effort made by these dedicated staff, we seek to equip our children with the skills, attitudes, values and experiences which will carry them through happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

We offer strong pastoral support which we believe is fundamental to the success of the child. We warmly welcome you to this vibrant school where the remarkable happens

Buttercups Care Centre

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